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August 24, 2012
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Goetia: Azel by kimitama Goetia: Azel by kimitama
note: i hate it when i improve at art and then i have to go back and grimace disgustedly at all my old app sheets
i promise azel will be updated soon and not look like a complete and total douche bag


IF YOU WANT TO RP yes yes please rp with me I'll be in the chat... sometimes! Kind of! And my Skype is moonjelly- and you can seriously all add mI'M LONELY... e! *v* but heads-up I mostly do script because i'm an illiterate fuck, CRY ♥

N A M E: Azel


A G E: 99*

G E N D E R: Undeniably Male

H E I G H T: 5'10”*

K I N G D O M: Avaricia (i'll fix that on my app soon i swear)

E L E ME N T: Water

R A N K: Lesser Demon

O C C U P A T I O N: A kind of jack-of-all-trades, but probably primarily an opportunist thief. He often takes on many odd jobs; the salary of a petty criminal is a highly fluctuating one.

A C C E S S O R I E S:
    Single, ridiculously dangly earring: Stolen from a jewelry maker. He only possesses the one, because that was all he had time to jack. The ruby caught his eye. I guess he thinks he’s making a fashion statement (like in the eighties…?)

    Sparkly scarf: Also stolen! One of his most prized possessions, despite the fact that any good thief does not want any grab-able ends trailing after them. Once again, the lure of the sparkle strikes with a vengeance.

    Scimitars: His two swords (Stolen! Stolen! Stolen goods!) with a bird’s head on the top of each hilt. What kind of bird it is? Azel has no clue. Skylarks or pigeons, maybe…?

    Loaded die (not pictured): Azel, please just stop. You are an amoral douche.
A B I L I T I E S:
    Stealth: He’s very light on his feet, an expert dodger, and far too skilled for his own good at pickpocketing.

    Swordsmanship: While his element is water, he’s pretty shoddy at it, and often falls back on what can only be described as enthusiastic slashing. He loves showing off with his two swords, as he’s picked up some fancy parries and maneuvers.

    Night Vision: Azel possesses feline eyes (which often dilate at frightening speed, creeping out passerby), which means that he also possesses 285 degree vision and a tapetum lucidum, the layer of tissue in the eye responsible for night vision in many nocturnal animals. This layer of the eye also reflects light, meaning that his eyes tend to glow rather eerily in the dark. Additionally, this means Azel is red-blind.
P E R S O N A L I T Y:
    Azel is ultimately ruled by his feelings of the moment, and rarely plans for the future, often improvising on the spot for nearly everything he does. He considers himself “roguish” and a “smooth-talker”, and often romanticizes the more illegal aspects of his occupation, which he refers to as “professional item-lifting”. He’s also a bit harmlessly vain, enjoying the finer things in life (probably because of his inability to afford them) and will preen himself (and often others) as a nervous habit.

    Azel glories in his own wisecracks, and is the type to laugh at his own jokes; he makes liberal use of sarcasm and (what he imagines are clever) quips. Despite his shortcomings, however, he has strangely good intentions; he will willingly take the fall for an innocent person, and will often stand in the face of true injustice. He loathes it when he’s blamed for a crime he didn’t commit, and he extends this pet peeve to everyone around him, often protecting people in an uncharacteristically gallant (and often over-the-top) manner from unfounded accusations. He’s seen the dangerous world of the criminal justice system secondhand, and doesn’t wish to experience it on his first; he’s lost far too many allies to its strict laws and lack of fair trial. Despite this determination, he often can’t help himself; he has a compulsive urge to steal- not from kleptomania, but because his greed for money can overshadow the risk. To him, a coin or two is worth his neck, and often the risk hasn’t paid off at all and he’s gotten himself a mark or two on his criminal record. He’s a born exaggerator; a story you hear from him is most often embellished on excessively until it’s a flamboyantly swashbuckling tale.

    Azel can be slightly manipulative sometimes, but this is less pure malice than self-defense; when cornered, he often pushes his bullshit maker into overdrive, often being able to talk, lie, and generally befuddle his way out of the stickiest of quandaries. It doesn’t help that the law enforcement and Azel share the common language of bribery, and can often easily be paid off, whether in gold or in favors. He’s also a shameless flirt, not only to women, but to nearly everything under the sun; it’s often an attempt at a bit of playfulness, rather than serious, and if indeed he is seriously attempting to display his interest, it’ll be nearly indistinguishable from his teasing.

    A surefire way to make Azel do something is to phrase it as a challenge; he often can’t resist a chance to show off, especially in front of other people. His view is that near-impossible things exist to become possible, which is why he often works harder at improving his element than he should. His very nature appears to go against that of water, and yet somehow he manages to persevere; dogged determination for the stupidest reasons would perhaps be one of his good points. He will claim that his hero complex is a karma grab, or a way to elicit favor, but in reality it may be the remnants of the will to defend. Despite all this, he’s highly sociable and enjoys people, with a very gang-like mindset; as long as you don’t do anything openly hostile, you’re an ally in his eyes. This bizarrely extends to some of his victims of robbery; as he’s pointed out quite shrewdly himself, some of his closest friends were initially pickpocket victims (no, Azel, this doesn’t make robbery “OK”, nor does it make robbery “social networking”. Get a job.)
H I S T O R Y:
    Azel has difficulty recalling his very early life; he’s sure he had parents, somehow, but is fairly positive that he was abandoned at a very young age. This doesn’t particularly bother him, as abandoned children aren’t rare in the gutters of Avarice. He often feels a little proud of his parents, even, in a twisted way; another mouth to feed couldn’t have been easy, and when placed in their shoes, he would have left his child, too- perhaps they would be proud of him, to see that he survived, instead of succumbing to the ultimate weakness of death.

    The first thing that comes into clear focus for him was joining a child gang of mostly boys. It was here that he learned the ropes of thievery, and from then on, most of the older children were his parental figures; it was the first time he had felt, strikingly, the bond of a family. He threw himself happily into his role, caring for the boys younger and more helpless than himself; it fed a soft spot for children that he still nurses today, however smothered.

    As his family of sorts began to expand their horizons and begin fighting for new turf within the city, the leaders got themselves in over their heads; during an attack on another child gang, their second-in-command was killed on the spot by the police force. With the top of the gang food chain left half-crumbled, some of Azel’s fellow lower-downs staged a successful coup d’etat against their commander. Azel was expected to help them, as their peer, but his loyalty to the old regime left him effectively disposed of in the gutter with a broken arm and an only slightly heightened mistrust of people. He turned to working alone, finding it easier to only worry for his own well-being, but starting to sorely miss the camaraderie of his old gang by the time he was the demon equivalent of eleven or twelve.

    He took to pickpocketing in the other kingdoms, where he had significantly less of a reputation and competition. It was on the streets of Gula that he attempted to take money from the pockets of two girls his age, only to have one of them catch him in the act; inexplicably, he befriended the two, often determinedly dodging border control in the case of tightened security to meet them both.

    Naturally, his peacockery several years later in front of them both got him in trouble; he attempted to steal an apple to show off, only to get promptly arrested and deported back to his kingdom on a warning. By the time he was let off with a warning in court, the security measures in Avaricia had tightened considerably, and he was locked in, with no knowledge of what had happened to his two friends.
L I K E S:
  • Ships! He’ll pat their hulls and refer to them as she. It’s pathetic.

  • Money, and by extension, anything free. Anything at all.

  • People; he's a highly social creature.

  • Cats; he’s friends with every stray cat in Avaricia, because he feeds them, coos at them, and generally spoils them rotten. what an idiot
D I S L I K E S:
  • Cowardice; he's got a stupidly strong honor code, despite his lawlessness.

  • His crown feathers being yanked out. It’s happened, and it makes him sad, because he’s vain as heck.

  • His tail or scarf ends being pulled, which generally only happens when he’s on the run from the lawmen.

  • People who lack a sense of humor! Read: Sane people, because he likes everyone laughing at his terrible jokes. Dumbface.
R E L A T I O N S H I P S:
    Hadia Ismat: One of the two friends he has from childhood, there’s nothing he loves more than pushing her to the edge; he gets some sort of kick out of watching her lose her cool. She was his and Verity's designated damsel-in-distress, to protect from completely made-up dangers, so he still sort of feels like he's on guard dog duty for her. it's ridiculous Recently, he's taken to trying to break out of the child mould in front of her; he's nearly completely matured as a demon, and doesn't appreciate being condescended to like a little brother.

    Verity: He enjoys calling both her and Hadia his “wives”, and then quickly amending that Verity is his “homoerotic lover”, given her determination to be seen as a man. He’ll very often concede that Verity is more of a man than he is at all. He usually takes her teasing comments in stride, whereas on other people they're very oft inclined to bruise his ego. He fancies he's one of the only few that can make her laugh. Egotistical asshole.
O T H E R:
  • He only recently hit whatever the demon equivalent of “puberty” is; he was one of those kids who shot up a foot overnight and filled out exceptionally. He’s still a little wiry and lanky, though, despite how much he likes reminding people how “manly as shit” he is.

  • On the topic of his hilarious puberty, his horns don’t appear to have caught up with the rest of his body quite yet; they’re still very tiny stubs, and are easily overlookable.

  • Though his element is water, he cannot heal; in fact, the most he can do is make a getaway mist if there’s enough moisture in the air.

  • His bizarre hybridized tail is highly multipurpose (not really); he used to use it for balance while running, not unlike a cheetah, until people started grabbing it in their efforts to catch him. It’s not strong enough to hang him from a tree, much to his bitter disappointment, but it does make an excellent feather-duster for under low sofas and such. Nowadays, he keeps the tail conveniently tucked into his sash or wrapped around a leg.
  • Everything on his body is stolen property, except for the white collared shirt, which is possibly the only thing he’s honestly bought, for some reason…?

  • He still has very dear aspirations to be a pirate, given his ridiculous love of ships and stealing. It's the best of both worlds, clearly!

  • He does indeed have pockets, but they’re all sewn into his sash and the inside of his coat; pickpocketing is rampant, himself included in that number, and he’d rather not let himself get robbed.

  • IS A COMPLETE LIGHTWEIGHT and a clumsy, clingy drunk who sucks at walking. He gets himself into drinking contests anyway. And loses all the money. ALL OF IT. PLEASE ROB HIM OF HIS MONEY.

  • Supposedly, one of his tail feathers can be used to summon him, should one be in someone else's possession, but Azel's never tested this out and doesn't really want to. He does like claiming that they're good luck, though.
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Sahara-chan Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
e 7 e Oh, another thief!
kimitama Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
we could make a whole city of thieves from the ones in goetia |D

Sahara-chan Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
Aeshma is trying to start up a guild of thieves.... //shot

Omg! Lol. That's funny~
MordredObeeytsa Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
Oh my god, those clothes... Okay, so not only does this guy have a gorgeous (stolen) outfit, a hilarious personality, and the oddest pretty tail I've ever seen, but he also spoils stray cats? Urrrrgh, he's just horribly awesome! HORRIBLY.

Also the part where his cowlicks are more noticeable than his horns, *snicker*
kimitama Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh my god this is one of the best things to wake up to quite possibly I AM SO FLATTERED?! MY GOODNESS

i was worried he was gonna turn out too much of a softy, considering he is a demon and all- -HEADDESK, CRY-

thank you so much for your nice comment!!
i can't wait until he hits puberty. giant sheep horns, black lion tail, peacock crown feathers and feline behavioural system. this guy is the weirdest hybrid i've ever made.

the stray cats are azel's brethren
MordredObeeytsa Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
You're welcome! I wouldn't call him a softie so much as... well, he is a bit of a softie, but in the best possible ways. He's got a nice balance to him. Between being amusingly ridiculous and a horrid little petty criminal, that is.

Ooo, sounds terribly fancy! No doubt he'll be terribly proud of himself once his horns do come in.

Really, props on his general design, though, it's lovely. His jacket is easily my favorite thing.

He would love Moscow, chubby stray cats everywhere
kimitama Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PFH;TG i'm awful at badass characters! i guess i can live with that.

fffng thank you so much!

MordredObeeytsa Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
The group has plenty of badasses. Azel is SPECIAL

YES REALLY. I... I know the feeling. They're just such precious babiessss. Especially the ones with huge, fluffy squirrel tails. There's a whole family of those living under my apartment building, they're such cuties!
kimitama Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
azel is a special little child and nobody can take away his individuality (etc etc)

INCIDENTALLY-- is that one of the fluffy stray cats in your picture?!
MordredObeeytsa Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
Ah, well, sort of! The cat in my id is one I saw in a church in Kazan (smaller city east of Moscow). It's sitting on the place where only the priest is supposed to stand. The Russian Orthodox Church is very cat friendly.
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