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January 20, 2013
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SL: Elain by kimitama SL: Elain by kimitama
References to come!

    Name: Elain Ainmere

    Age: 19 (WILL CHANGE ON APP LOL...)

    Gender: Female

    Birthday: May 1st

    Height: 5’2"

    Weight: 111 lbs

    Species: Human


      A current dependence on Seidia for her livelihood, but outwardly acts very apathetic to political proceedings, and so is, by extension, undecided.


      Myrmidons | Mages | Anthromorphs | Dragon Riders | Dream Eaters | Outlaws


      While her skin is resistant, her hands can heat up and burn at her fingertips when she's using fire— her primary element— for longer than a couple minutes. Hence, when she's in a serious duel, she'll usually use gauntlets to wield fire offensively for prolonged periods of time.


      See the sparkly, greeny-glowing thing next to Elain's face? That is Wil, or a Will o'the Wisp that was clearly having a lovely life luring travellers into marshes before it decided to make an affinity with Elain.

      Wil is very whiny, a capslock-thinker, and has a fixation bordering on obsession with his mistress. He will very often mentally cuss out anybody who accidentally brushes too close to her. We will never know this, because Wil is literally incapable of speech or making anything more than a maddening whooshy noise.

      Elain uses him as a light source and a magical buffer, as he lends himself well to fire- and light-based attacks. When she goes on journeys, she'll place him in a convex-glass-paned lantern, which throws his light farther. Much more efficient than a fire-powered lantern, because it never runs out of fuel!

      Also, she maintains that his full name is Willoughby. This is a lie. His name has always been Wil.


      If we were to be kind to Elain, and make her sound nice, we would say that she’s a fire-tongued, or tempestuous, or maybe even feisty— something like that. But Elain herself would likely discourage you doing that, instead calling herself an assemble of words that aren’t appropriate to put into print. Elain is rather crass, blunt, and to-the-point in all her dealings. This doesn’t mean, of course, that she’s not well-intentioned as well; in fact, she’s quite nonchalant, in a way, as long as you don't hit her few nerves. Thankfully, this isn't likely; she doesn’t lash out very often, or we’d have quite a lot of scorched hardwood on her hands.

      She’s rather unserious and a bit of a slacker, bad traits for someone in such an advantageous position. Bored by her job, she prefers to screw off and do fun things with her talent. This can range from giving the cat adorable wings and laughing as it flaps around the yard, or setting the cat’s tail on fire and having a fit of schadenfreude-ridden giggles as she watches the world burn.

      Elain can be quite the hermit, and enjoys her alone time with tea and ten jillion page books; unfortunately, this predisposition to solitary confinement is mostly because she doesn’t exactly impress prospective friends. She can get very insensitive to other people’s feelings. Despite this, she loves nothing better than when people go to her for advice, given that she considers her insight and shrewdness a blessing to the entire planet. She has a particular fondness for girls smaller than her, and unconsciously tries to play the part of the knowledgeable big sister to them (AND COMPLETELY FAILS BY THE WAY).

      Due to her upbringing, she spent far too much time hanging around older men in bars and knights. Consecutively, because of her sharp mind, she’s been able to put two-and-two together since she was very young and now had a wide plethora of sexual and romantic knowledge despite being about as romantic as a brick. She's highly likely to drop it in conversation; there's nothing she loves more than awful, underhanded bawdy implications.


      She was the child of a (female) dragon knight and a mage. The dragon knights, having grown rather impatient in their idleness, had taken to heckling the local girls at the border of the kingdom; unfortunately for Elain's father, this meant that he was heckled, in this case, by a rather brash young woman who accidentally got herself pregnant by him. Petrified of how their respective bosses might react to one of their knight's unfortunate handicap, they married in haste and fled the kingdom for some time.

      When the rebellions began to crop up, however, Elain's mother couldn't resist going to fight; she had been passionately loyal to Tristan in the years before, and was determined to support the rebellion. Elain's father was less reluctant, telling her that her place was with her newborn child and him, not with supporting radical political movements. Predictably, her mother rushed in to fight. Elain's father— consumed by worry— left his young daughter with his old employers in the Seidia kingdom and went to go after her. Both of them were killed in the ensuing scuffles, leaving Elain an orphan and a liability in the hands of the Seidian forces.

      Of course, this wasn't a problem- her father had been a fairly adept mage, and Elain similarly displayed a knack for magic that could serve the kingdom well in the ensuing civil war someday. Thus, she was apprenticed by one of the court mages, and trained perhaps a bit too sporadically by too many superiors at once: she was a flighty, rebellious child, who mostly survived her apprenticeships by her extraordinary improvisation and sheer talent alone. To this day, she's still not book-smart at all, and spends some time ditching.


    • Houri Darell:
        Having both been charges of Seidia from a young age, she recognizes him vaguely but only recently has become quite well-acquainted with him; she likes him very much, in a strange way. She would have thought him a bit posh for her tastes, but it doesn't seem to be the case at all. Recently, she's been wondering how solid their friendship is at all; after all, why else would she be getting so nervous around him all the time? She loathes the sudden flood of insecurity, but doesn't really loathe Houri for it. In fact- quite the opposite.
    • Simza:
        A fellow mage, whom she tripped upon sleeping next to a fountain; Elain thinks she's a little eccentric.

    Additional Info:

    • The Welsh pronunciation of her name is EH-line AYN-muir, and the less awkward-sounding Americano version is i-LAYN eye-n-mare. Welsh is BULL-SHIT

    • The wings in her hair are flight charms; while she cannot actively fly, she can hover a few feet above the air. This is mostly used when trying to intimidate people taller than her (read: everyone). They are also employed when she's feeling lazy, and would rather hover-zoom up the stairs than actually climb them. What a fatass.

    • No, it's not just you- she looks very young for her age, and can pass for fourteen at the lowest. Some people assume she's been at the wrong end of an aging-down spell one too many times, but it might just be bad genetics.

    • Her secondary elements are light and air. In other words, she's highly susceptible to darkness and water attacks, with earth generally being a tossup.

    • The hair is untameable. She has tried countless things, but it continues to be thick beyond reason and fluff up in the slightest humidity.

    • Her first name means "fawn" in Welsh. Her surname is from Ainmuire mac Sétnai, a High King of Ireland in the Middle Ages.

    • She is a Taurus, and her blood type is B.

    • Her birthday falls on the Celtic holiday of Calan Mai, which unsurprisingly involves setting shit on fire.



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