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EVYSS: Loys Albrecht by kimitama EVYSS: Loys Albrecht by kimitama

and now youre back..from outer space something something mud on your face you big disgrace

TLDR: hans from frozen original character do not steal

❖ Name: Loys Alexander Albrecht

 Age: 22

 Race: Changeling. If you can’t see it, it’s because he hides his horns and ears behind the cherub curls.

 Gender: Male

 Height: Says he's 5’7”, is actually 5'5"½ (168 cm) and a goddamn Christmas elf

 Access type: Civilian

 Occupation: Apprentice shipwright, some naval architecture

 Hometown: Riccoulto

 Class: Hoplite

 Subclass: Slimy


    ATK 0    WIS 0
    DEF 1    SPD 0
    VIT 1     MAG 0

Personality-wise, you’d think he was a frou-frou dandy who could fence his ass off. Physically, however, stocky and absorbs impact like a sack of wet cement. Tank Man Will Make Ethnic Kebab Of Your Body

 Personality: Loys acts the Prince Charming, and finds he wears the mantle well. Sweet-natured, even-tempered and possessing a docile indifference to personal insults, Loys is a difficult man to yank the rug out from under. Somehow, no matter what one does, he always has a faint smile playing about his mouth even when displeased.

Despite all his charismatic pretense, Loys is difficult to get close to. Although social, there’s something aloof about his inner world that seems vaguely untouchable. People rarely ask him about himself, so focused Loys is on everyone else; any questions posed are often deflected based on company or comfort. A straightforward answer is never given where a non-sequitur story or observation about the asker will suffice. He has a politician’s mind: scientifically inquiring, but always interested in how the latest advancements may work in his favour. At the end of the day, he is rooted, but keeps wanderlust and an urge to explore close to his heart.

He's naturally manipulative, and often uses blackmail and gaslighting for the best intentions— his own, namely. Loys is used to people not trusting him, and so rather than cultivate a more honest persona (too much effort?), he uses roundabout and alternative methods to obtain any information he might be innocently curious about. He is blessed with a rather dangerously sharp intuition, and can very often quickly connect-the-dots about a person on nothing but disconnected details. It is rare that he takes any action on them, but you can be damned sure he will file it away in case it should ever prove something to be dredged up again.  

Loys has a soft spot for girls and women, upholding the chivalric code with pride. It can often come off as flirting, but if it is, it’s likely nothing serious— Loys is the master of the mixed message with intentions that are anything but forward. Said affection is doubled if the girl in question is a little abrasive. When he is truly in love, he somehow manages to always pick a woman he cannot have or who cannot reciprocate, and conclusively his relationship dynamics tend to be masochistic at best. 

With his friends, his polite exterior will intentionally lower a little; Loys is quite the teaser, and in a lot of cases enjoys taking the piss out of people, even in the politest of ways.

Past that, it’s anyone’s guess. But the theories are few and far between; so adept is he at escaping notice.

 History: His father came from a family of middle-class industrialists who built ships. He met his wife away at sea, and although their union was a happy one, the woman's recklessness and tendency to vanish for days at a time did not endear her to her in-laws or neighbours— nor did giving birth to a pair of changelings, which in a seaport full of superstitious sailors, was no less than a glaring ill-omen. Despite this, Loys's early life was relatively easy. Unfortunately, his mother's recklessness proved to be her undoing, when she took her children out into the bay and was pulled below the surface by a rip current. Loys and his sister were rescued, but their mother was not so fortunate; it took three days for the body to wash up on shore. 

Loys' father, stricken with grief, took down all her portraits, which only added to her mystique in the eyes of a child barely four years old. She was immortalized in his mind as an ethereal goddess torn from this earth too soon. A rotating door of wet-nurses replaced her in early childhood, resulting in a somewhat tumultuous foundation of care. With free reign over their family home, Loys and his sister Aelia took the dangerously insular attitude that they could only rely on each other.  

The elder Albrecht came to his senses midway through Loys' boyhood, and hired a series of governesses in the hope that a busy mind would occupy their demonic hands. The governesses' employments were often chaotic and short; the two did not take kindly to authority, though Loys’ rebellion took the subtler form of passivity and well-disguised barbs. He received a stripped-down, more practical gentleman's education at the hands of his tutors and took quickly to sums and figures, with a certain talent for being able to take coordinates or numbers and place them visually on paper. 

His father, determined to make a man's man (or at least a man who could perform manual labor) out of the boy oft-considered to be the "softer" sibling, ensured he knew how to fence, hawk and carry a load of wood to only some avail. Loys much preferred to sit on his hands and write mooning love poems to the milkmaid who lived over the way, and would send his sister Aelia out in his helmet while he went and necked girls in the grass by the highway. How much he can actually fight someone is anyone's guess.

He knows his way around a ship, can mend a broken hull, and often assists the naval architects in their blueprints. As far as Loys’ father is concerned, this is a win for a baby who cried bloody murder whenever he was placed outside his sister’s cot and a teenager who thought with his, uh… heart.

 Guild: Snail Church


  • Aelia Lynn Albrecht: His fraternal twin sister. If you ask who is older, Loys will go “we’re twins, it doesn’t matter,” and Aelia will go “me.”


  • The family home is on the northwest coast of Riccoulto, on the cliffside. It is windy. Very Wuthering Heights
  • Aquarius sun, Pisces rising, Scorpio moon
  • Here's a picture of his hand for people who care about palmistry jokes
  • He’s afraid of open ocean. Is this subliminally related to his Oedipal complex, deprivation of maternal affection and subconscious fear of being loved in return? Discuss and remember to cite your sources. Please use Chicago format with footnotes
  • He has cold undertones, but tans the olive-gold colour of a Greek god thanks to thos jeans.
  • If you need to tell him and Aelia apart by face, he has a dimple in his left cheek ^7^
  • Here's what he used to look like I'm cringing this is like sharing embarrassing old school photos
  • He was Alsatian with a Jewish-Greek mother in his original incarnation… magnificent white boy of dubious origin
  • Speaking in meta, you can regard him as one of those weird NPCs from a JRPG that wants to marry you for evidently no reason and keeps giving you side-quests. Like Chrom. Or anyone from Rune Factory.
  • I kind of picture him as Aneurin Barnard
  • His name’s a cheesy reference to my favourite romantic ballet :iconskankyplz:
  • … It is a real name I swear but only Low Germans can pronounce it without saying Louise

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